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3RU Fly Rack + GAN Charger + Bracket +Pelican

by Savant PlayBack

Regular price$799.00 Sale price$898.99

3RU Fly Rack + GAN Charger + Bracket +Pelican

by Savant PlayBack

Regular price$799.00 Sale price$898.99

3RU Carry On Fly Rack + Pelican 1535AIR + GAN Charger and Bracket Combo

Introducing the Ultimate 3RU Carry On Fly Rack and GAN Charger Combo with Custom Foamed Pelican Case and GAN Mounting Bracket!

Elevate your audiovisual experience with our cutting-edge 3RU Fly Rack, designed to meet the demands of professionals who demand precision and portability. This compact yet robust rack is the perfect solution for transporting and protecting your valuable equipment, all while ensuring seamless functionality. This combo comes with our newly updated 3RU Carry On Fly Rack, a Pelican 1535AIR with Custom Laser Cut 6LB Density XLPE Foam and a 240Watt GAN charger by SLIMQ with dual USBC Outputs. This GAN charger is capable of powering two laptops and comes with universal power adapters so it can operate at any voltage globally! We have taken it a step further and have IEC to Panel Mount PowerCON cables available so you can easily rack mount and power your laptops in a matter of minutes. This plug n play solution is the way!



Key Features:

🌟 Premium Fly Rack: Our Fly Rack offers unparalleled durability and versatility. Crafted from high-quality laser cut 5052 Aluminum, it provides secure housing for your essential equipment, making it the go-to choice for on-the-go professionals.

🧳 Custom Foamed Pelican Case: Your equipment deserves the best protection. Our custom foamed Pelican case is designed to snugly fit your Fly Rack and can also fit two laptops in the lower cavity, offering exceptional shock resistance and ensuring your gear arrives in perfect condition every time.

🔌 GAN Charger Compatibility: Stay powered up and ready to perform with our integrated GAN Charger. This advanced charger is optimized for fast and efficient charging, so you spend less time waiting and more time creating. the SLIMQ GAN Charger is also global power compliant so no worries about those pesky overseas power worries.

👜 Seamless Portability: With its compact design and massive amount of usable internal rack space the ZERO-G 3RU Carry On Fly Rack and Pelican case combo is incredibly easy to transport. Whether you're on tour, at a venue, or on location, this setup guarantees hassle-free mobility.

🛠️ Precision Engineering: We've left no detail to chance. Every component of our Fly Rack and GAN Charger system is carefully designed and rigorously tested to ensure peak performance and longevity. 

🎵 Versatile Applications: Ideal for musicians, audio engineers, broadcasters, and anyone who relies on top-notch equipment, this bundle simplifies your setup, protects your investment, and keeps you in control.

Upgrade your equipment protection and convenience with the ZERO-G 3RU Fly Rack and GAN Charger bundled together in a custom foamed Pelican case. Elevate your performance and travel with confidence, knowing your gear is in safe hands.

Don't settle for anything less than excellence. Invest in the best. Choose the Savant Playback ZERO-G Fly Rack and GAN Charger,  because your gear deserves nothing but the finest.


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