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TRVLR-EPIC Audio/ Midi & Live Vocal Playback System ( IN STOCK )

by Savant PlayBack

Regular price$7,599.00 Sale price

TRVLR-EPIC Audio/ Midi & Live Vocal Playback System ( IN STOCK )

by Savant PlayBack

Regular price$7,599.00 Sale price
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  • iConnectivity PlayAudio12 Redundant Audio and Midi Interface 
  • 10 Redundant XLR outputs( Line Level Output )
  • MioXM Midi Interface Wired from the PA12 via HOST to DAW Port on MioXM 
  • RTP Output on Rear panel from PlayAudio12 
  • UAD Twin Heritage Edition for Live Real time Vocal Processing 
  • 100-240VAC Input for Global Power Compliant usage 
  • ZERO-G 1535R aluminum Carry On Fly Rack 
  • Pelican 1535 Air with foam cutout under the rack for extra storage 
  •  Custom Black Aluminum Rear Panel 
  • Locking PowerCon input on rear panel AC Mains Input
  • 2 Vocal Inputs wired to UAD Interface Line Input
  • 2 Vocal Thru wired in parallel for Dry Signal output 
  • 2 Vocal Outputs wired from UAD Line Output 3 & 4
  • Real Time Hardware Monitoring for Vocal Processing
  • 2 DJ TechTools USBC Cables included (Red and Blue Variants)
  • Belkin 0.8 Meter TB3 Cable for the UAD data cable
  • Savant AC 120VAC Mains AC Input Cable 
  • Pelican Air Tag Holder included 
  • Apple Air tag included 
  • Locking DC Cable mod for the PA12 and MioXM included 
  • AC Power Thru Variant with 4 way Edison fanout for laptop power (120VAC Only)


System Details: 

This system is designed for the artist that is, well..... EPIC.

Carry On compatible 2RU rack allows you to keep the system close to you at all times. Designed around the iConnectivity PlayAudio12, MioXM and UAD Twin this design allows the user to have 10 Redundant Audio Outputs while also using the onboard DSP the Universal Audio Interface provides. Combine this with the power of the MioXM with RTP Midi and you have a carry on powerhouse!


Additional Benefits: 

  • This system architecture can run UAD Console and UA MIDI Control for total control and  automation of all UAD plug ins and Console Parameters.
  • UAD Console Runs independently from your DAW so you can choose a higher sample rate such as 96K for your vocals and offload that DSP to the UAD.


All of our systems come with a complimentary one on one 60 Minute Zoom training session. This session is led by Ableton Certified Instructor and Savant Playback Ableton Training Team Leader,  Chris Dilday. This is a hands on course to get you familiar with your new system and is a great opportunity to learn and ask questions pertinent to your systems configuration. 

Ship us your interfaces Variant - When you choose this option, we will handle the locking DC modification and run your system through our service department.

Please Allow 14 Business Day Lead time as supplies may vary. Email for inventory if rush delivery is required.