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Regular price$50.00 Sale price

📲 QR Code and Gear Manifest Add-on for Enhanced Organization: This add-on is a modern solution for anyone looking to streamline the management of their gear and international border crossings. It offers a practical and efficient way to keep track of your gear's serial numbers, service info and other data for your hardware.

🔖 Scannable Labels with Comprehensive Details: Each label features a unique QR code that encapsulates essential information about your system. This includes specifications, features, warranty details, and the serial number of each component. The comprehensive nature of this information makes it incredibly useful for a detailed understanding of your equipment.

📱 Easy Access via Smartphone or Tablet: The convenience of scanning these QR codes with a smartphone or tablet cannot be overstated. This easy-to-use approach ensures that detailed information about your gear is just a scan away, accessible anytime and anywhere.

🌐 Seamless Integration with the Google Platform: Once scanned, the QR codes provide direct access to the gear manifest through a linked Google Doc. This integration offers a centralized platform for managing your systems, making it simpler to navigate through different components and their specifics. 

🔍 Efficient Management and Troubleshooting: With all the information readily accessible, identifying, managing, and troubleshooting your system becomes a streamlined process. This feature is particularly beneficial for playback engineers who need to maintain and operate complex setups. If you have a guest engineer or tech, adding pertinent information about the hardware can help make this process much easier. This can be a working real time document/ system log book. 

💼 Ideal for Playback Engineers: For playback engineers who need to stay organized and keep detailed track of their gear, this add-on is indispensable. It not only simplifies the management of equipment but also enhances the efficiency of the entire eco system and hardware by allowing the user to have a real time cloud based system log for gear. 

In conclusion, the QR Code and Gear Manifest add-on is an essential tool for anyone touring heavily. Its combination of detailed scannable labels, easy access via mobile devices, seamless integration with the Google platform, and enhanced troubleshooting support capabilities make it a valuable addition to maintain organization and efficiency in complex setups.


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