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Regular price$375.00 Sale price

The LIOBOX is a MIDI controller developed to interact with ABLETON LIVE 10 & 11.

LIOBOX gives you the functionality to view your songs from Arrangement View or Session View on the LIOBOX Screen so you can be free from using the laptop directly. 

The interface is automatically synchronized with your software and permits you to control all transport functions in real time (Play, Pause, resume, stop, rewind, forward, play again).

You can connect up to 10 LIOBOX on the same setup, this would allow every user to have their own LIOBOX.


Auto config

When connected, the LIOBOX automatically retrieves all the marker and track position data in your Ableton session. Thus it allows you to launch them individually directly from the stage.

Its 3.5-inch screen displays the song that is playing and gives you the ability to select the next song to be launched.

As the box is constantly synchronized with your software, the screen displays the playing or paused status of your software and updates your tracklist in case of any  modification on the computer.

A connection indicator on screen informs you as to whether the box is properly connected to the computer.


Setlist function


The integrated setlist function allows you to you reorganize the order of your songs directly from the box without having to modify your session. 40 setlists can be saved to your box.


Track information retrieval

The information of each track can be displayed on the LIOBOX screen (BPM, key, duration). You need to register the information in your song's title according to a simple text protocol, this is explained in the documentation.





Redundancy function

The development of 2 separate scripts gives you the possibility to use the LIOBOX with two computers simultaneously, a primary and a secondary. The connection status of each computer is displayed on the screen, allowing you to immediately detect whether one of the two has been disconnected.


In order to adapt to all show situations, the LIOBOX has two display modes, "a Dark mode" and "Day mode" allowing you to keep a visual on the screen even in bright light.

MIDI output 

The LIOBOX integrates a MIDI output jack 3.5 allowing you to send MIDI signals through the box on a second independent port. This permits among other things the sending of Program Changes or notes to instruments on stage.


Check out the Video Overview here!

LIOBOX Playback Controller for Ableton Live 10/11 Overview





  • 3.5 inch 320 × 480 color LCD screen
  • 1mm steel case (made in France)
  • Backlit silicone pad
  • Clickable serrated wheel
  • USB2 B port
  • MIDI out port 3.5mm jack
  • Dimensions  27 × 22 × 17 cm
  • Weight: 1kg

Supplied with gold-plated USB2 cable, 1.5m and ferrite
Housse de protection en coton
Non-slip pads

((3.5mm jack cable not supplied))

The LIOBOX was conceived, designed and assembled in France.


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