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TRVLR-STAK Audio and Midi Playback System

by Savant PlayBack

Regular price$4,499.00 Sale price

TRVLR-STAK Audio and Midi Playback System

by Savant PlayBack

Regular price$4,499.00 Sale price
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The TRVLR-STAK is a highly versatile playback and MIDI system, featuring industry-leading interfaces from iConnectivity alongside our modular power supply, ZERO-G rack system, and premium cabling.

Our carry-on compatible 1535R rack allows you to keep the system close to you at all times. Our exclusive chassis mount rack design saves weight and minimizes clutter within the rack. Additionally, the rear panel and lid can be removed quickly and without disturbing the DC or AC wiring, allowing for easy maintenance or additions in the field. Designed around the iConnectivity PlayAudio12 and MioXM, this system features 10 redundant audio outputs, four pairs of DIN inputs and outputs, and RTP MIDI, supplying all the I/O you need for a wide variety of playback scenarios. 

If you need a couple extra outputs an upgraded 12 output version of the TRVLR-STAK is also available. Please contact us for more information if you would like to order the 12 output TRVLR-STAK.

All of our systems come with a complimentary 60 minute, one-on-one Zoom training session. This session is led by Ableton Certified Instructor and Savant Playback Ableton Training Team Leader, Chris Dilday. This is a hands-on course to get you familiar with your new system and is a great opportunity to learn and ask any questions you have about system configuration or how your new rack can take your show to the next level.

System Details

Audio and MIDI Hardware:

  • 1x iConnectivity PlayAudio12
    • 10x redundant XLR outputs (line level)
    • 1x RTP MIDI I/O port
  • 1x iConnectivity mioXM
    • 4x DIN inputs
    • 4x DIN outputs
    • 4x USB-MIDI host ports
    • 1x RTP MIDI I/O port

Data I/O:

  • 2x USB ports for redundant operation of the PlayAudio12

Audio I/O:

  • 10x line outputs (XLR connectors)


  • 3x DIN inputs (rear panel)
  • 3x DIN outputs (rear panel)
  • 1x DIN input (mioXM front panel)
  • 1x DIN output (mioXM front panel)
  • 1x Ethernet connector for PlayAudio12 RTP MIDI
  • 2x USB connectors for mioXM host ports


  • Locking PowerCon 100-240VAC universal mains input for compliant use anywhere in the world
  • AC power thru (optional PowerCon THRU Fanout available)

Rack and Case:

  • Savant Playback ZERO-G 1535R Fly Rack
  • Savant Playback panel custom built for the TRVLR-STAK
  • 3x blank aux connector slots for future expansion
  • Pelican 1535 Air with custom foam
  • Foam cutout under the rack for extra storage 


  • All internal cabling is hand-built using high quality Rapco cabling
  • 2x DJ TechTools USB-C cables for the PlayAudio12s (red and blue variants)
  • Savant AC 120VAC mains AC input cable

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