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PowerCON Panel Mount to Female Edison AC Inlet Cable

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PowerCON Panel Mount to Female Edison AC Inlet Cable

Regular price$29.99 Sale price



🔒 Panel Mount Locking PowerCon: This feature ensures a secure and stable AC power connection, which is particularly important in environments where reliability is paramount. The locking mechanism of the PowerCon enhances the connection's stability, preventing accidental disconnections and ensuring a consistent power supply.

🛡️ Neutrik SCDR Rubber Boot for AC Connectors: The addition of a Neutrik SCDR rubber boot provides extra protection to the AC connectors. This robust boot is designed to safeguard the connectors from environmental factors such as dust and moisture, as well as from physical impacts, thereby extending the durability of the connections.

🔗 Locking Neutrik Crimps with Heat Shrink on AC Inlet: The locking Neutrik crimps, accompanied by heat shrink on the AC inlet, add an extra layer of security and durability. This combination ensures a firm and safe electrical connection, protecting against electrical and mechanical strain.

120VAC Power Distribution for Small Rack Spaces: Optimized for efficient power distribution in compact spaces, this system is ideal for small rack setups. It provides a 120VAC power distribution solution that is both space-efficient and powerful, meeting the needs of setups with limited space availability.

💡 LED Indicator on Female Edison Plug: A practical and safety-oriented feature, the LED indicator on the female Edison plug provides a visual indication of power status. This allows for quick and easy verification of power connectivity, enhancing both convenience and safety.

🛠️ Neutrik MFD Mounting Plates with M3 Hex Screws: The inclusion of Neutrik MFD Mounting Plates, designed for M3 screws, makes installation straightforward and secure. The provided M3 hex screws ensure a robust and reliable installation, simplifying the setup process.

In summary, this power distribution system is designed with both functionality and safety in mind. It features a robust panel mount locking PowerCon, protective rubber boots, secure crimps with heat shrink, and efficient 120VAC power distribution for small rack spaces. The addition of an LED power indicator and easy-to-install mounting plates further enhances its usability and reliability, making it a comprehensive solution for power management in compact spaces.

  • Panel mount locking PowerCon 
  • Neutrik SCDR rubber boot to cover AC connectors 
  • Locking Neutrik crimps with heat shrink on AC inlet 
  • 120VAC power distribution for small rack spaces 
  • LED in the female Edison plug to show power status
  • Neutrik MFD Mounting Plates for M3 screws (M3 hex screws included)


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