• What We Do

    Multi Track Audio Playback Systems, Midi Backline Control and Video/ Lighting Control

    Midi, Backline, TimeCode,Video, Lighting, FX

    Programming for all things Midi and Timecode

    Savant PlayBack specializes in midi and timecode controlled shows.

    Our systems sync all backline and production elements perfectly and the end result is a beautifully synced, consistent show night after night.

    What software works best?

    Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Native Instruments, and Mainstage

    We use multiple DAW's for our Audio Playback and Midi Program information. This will depend on what your system requirements are. Utilizing RTP Midi Networks our midi backline control is lightning fast at any distance from the source. We can also adapt our systems if you already have some pieces in place and simply want to expand your current setup. Drop us a line if you have any questions!

    Who uses this type of system?

    PlayBack, Timecode and Midi Control for everyone!

    Savant PlayBack works with bands, SFX Companies, music directors, theaters and sporting and corporate events. Using timecode or midi event based show control we can control or sync to any aspect of a performance. We offer full integration with any DAW or can simply Timecode a show for sync of various production elements. We help streamline a unique system that meets any musician or event programmers needs.

    Direct Out Modular Audio Interfaces MC and MP featuring SRC!

    Keep your Shows organized with Ease!

    PRODIGY.MP is a multifunction audio processor that is designed to address numerous applications in pro audio, broadcast, installation and studio applications. PRODIGY.MP provides flexible I/O, dual networked audio, DSP (EQ, Delay, Limiter, Matrix/Mixing, Inserts…), Sample Rate Conversion, multiple sync generation/handling/distribution and powerful hard- and software.


    PRODIGY.MP Demo Video


    Housed in a 2U rack frame, it supports networking selectable from Dante, RAVENNA and SoundGrid, while remote options allow access to hardware settings, DSP, SRC, network and a channel-based routing matrix. Fully modular, the hardware can be configured to specific requirements, giving budget savings as well as the flexibility to address changes in the global media environment through future upgrades.



    Dante + Madi + Yay = we like it!

    Designed to streamline system cabling in both live and installed sound applications, the A32 Dante supports a wide range of audio formats, incorporates leading edge technology, and can also serve as a hi-end audio format converter.

    The new A32 Dante ensures the finest audio quality in both the analog and digital domains. The A32 Dante's high-end analog circuit is complemented on the digital side by a 400 MHz Sharc DSP that facilitates extremely precise audio calculations to ensure that, on the digital side, not a single bit is lost. The result is stunning audio performance throughout.

    Check it out here for more info!



    Direct Out -EXBOX.MD- Dante & Madi Converter With Redundant Switching

    EXBOX.MD is a Dante / MADI converter linking Audinate’s audio networking technology Dante and MADI (AES10). Equipped with three MADI ports and four network ports it offers straight-forward conversion of 64 audio channels between MADI and Dante.


    Enhanced Automatic Redundancy Switching is a system to prevent interruption of the output signal. It uses either the proven BLDS technology or pilot tone triggering. A logic monitors the condition of the trigger signal on the Dante input. In case of a failure it switches automatically to the backup input (Dante or MADI)



    iConnectivity PlayAudio12- Perfect playback in a small form factor!

    The simple, scaleable, and fail-proof live playback interface you’ve been waiting for