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    Bring your ideas to life!

    Impossible is a word only to be found in a fools dictionary.

    Explore endless possibilities through technology. Whether you need audio backing tracks, midi backline control or lighting and video sync, it's all at your fingertips! Automate your show for a more consistent and quality performance.

    It was all a dream.......

    What do you dream about at night? We dream about custom cables, networks, data speeds and all the things that make the impossible...... possible. We create systems that outperform consistently and provide our clients with a level of confidence that is incomparable. We build and program redundant systems that are rock solid and give you peace of mind every single night you step on stage.

  • Now Shipping!

    Upward Facing USB cables for the iConnectivity Devices


    MANDALA V12 Pre Loaded Rack Panels $249.99


    Take a look and enjoy! Here are some of the new systems we are shipping!


    Here is a live vocal effects processing system with network midi input to control CC parameters sent by the playback system.

    20 Output Redundant Carry On System w/AutoTune

    This system was made for J.Balvin who needed a portable solution for his world tour

    10 Output System with 4 Timecode Outputs and tons of Midi I/O

    Michael Franti build for his 2019 tour

    16 Output Carry On System with 4 Redundant AutoTune In/Out and Thru

    This is a beast for a carry on size rig

    No words needed for this one.........

    dat USBC tho.........

    16 Output Carry On system with 4 Redundant AutoTune In/Out and Thru

    Front pic of the system from above

    Custom ArtWork for Vanity Panels with 3D texturing


    Custom Logo and ArtWork available!

    J Balvin Fly System

    We aren't afraid to show you whats inside. In fact we encourage it.

    Hand built in Music City.

    10 Playback Channels wired into an S32 Stage Box

    3 Stereo IEM mix outputs wired into the IEM Transmitters

    12U Side by Side -Padded & Locking Laptop Drawers

    Also included locking Microphone and IEM pack drawers

  • About Our Company

    PlayBack System Design for Audio, Midi Backline, Video and Lighting

    Innovation in the World of Playback and Show Control

    Savant Playback is a team of designers, programmers and engineers that focus on bringing the latest technology to our clients, so that they can better express their art and music with zero boundaries. Our team specializes in midi based instruments and creating custom audio and midi playback systems that can control or sync to lighting systems and media servers. Using timecode or midi event based show control the options are limitless!

    Training and Support

    We offer 24/7 support for all of our systems and have a network of people globally that we work with. There is no such thing as a "day off" when it comes to this industry. We provide training videos and customized templates for every client. Some people may need more help than others and that is just fine. We are here to make your life easier! We can screen share, Facetime, Skype, Whats APP, or send messages via carrier pigeon. #jk

    Whatever training you or your team needs we can handle. Part of our process is to program a song for you using your stems and do a screen capture so you can watch and follow along at your own speed. This allows you to see our template and our methodology in real time at your convenience. If you want more info on our process check the "How to Order" page!



    I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

    Thomas A. Edison




  • What We Do

    Multi Track Audio Playback Systems, Midi Backline Control and Video/ Lighting Control

    Midi, Backline, TimeCode,Video, Lighting, FX

    Programming for all things Midi and Timecode

    Savant specializes in midi and timecode controlled shows.

    We offer programming for :

    Yamaha Drum Modules, Roland Drum Modules, Kemper and Fractal Guitar Systems as well as VST Control and analog keyboard program changes.

    Our systems sync all backline perfectly for a consistent fully automated show.

    When paired with timecode or midi synced visuals and lighting the end result is a beautifully synced, consistent show night after night.

    What software works best?

    Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Digital Performer and Native Instruments

    We use multiple DAW's for our Audio Playback and Midi Program information. This will depend on what your system requirements are. Utilizing Midi Ethernet networks our midi backline control is lightning fast at any distance from the source. We can also adapt our systems if you already have some pieces in place and simply want to expand your current setup. Drop us a line if you have any questions!

    What Hardware do I need?

    Simple, Clean, Scalable PlayBack systems. Carry On Systems available!

    We will create a system that works best for you and your budget. We have custom carry on and checked luggage cases available. Custom rack mount panels, full size truck pack systems and If we don't have it we can make it!

    We have also partnered with Circle Three Designs, SubPac, Roland, Ableton, Resolume, Notch VFX and iConnectivity so we have got some pretty cool toys!

    iConnectivity and the PlayAudio12 Interface

    The Game Just Changed!

    For those who rely on live computer audio & MIDI, and need a bulletproof, fail-proof solution for control and playback of backing tracks, virtual instruments or anything else you can think of, PlayAUDIO12 is the solution.

    Check out iConnectivity Here

    Who uses this type of system?

    PlayBack Timecode and Midi Control for everyone!

    Savant PlayBack works with bands, artists, music directors, theaters and sporting and corporate events. Using timecode or midi event based show control we can control or sync to any aspect of a performance. We offer full integration with any DAW and can help streamline a unique system that meets any musician or event programmers needs.

    Strange Electronics SetList Plug In

    Keep your Shows organized with Ease!

    This new application for Ableton Live simplifies the setlist process and allows the DJ, band, or playback operator to trigger the songs right from the the Setlist itself!


    Rearrange on the fly, play from the the full list, use the laptop, use the iPad, use an external midi controller of your choice, Setlist lets you run the show however you like.

    Setlist will help you focus on what is ultimately important, to have fun on stage and to deliver perfect shows every night.


    Grab a copy here:


  • Show Control & Media Server

    Programming Options for Live Events

    Playback Programming :

    Ableton Live

    Digital Performer

    Main Stage

    DAW Integration

    Backline Program Changes

    Live Vocal Processing

    Timecode Control

    Show Sync and Automation

    Backline Programming:

    Virtual Instruments

    Midi KeyBoards

    Drum Triggers

    Drum Modules

    Electronic Drums

    Ipad App Design

    DAW Integration

    Show Sync and Automation


    Video Programming:

    Notch VFX

    Disguise Media Server


    Content Creation

    IMAG Programming and Effects

    DAW Integration

    Timecode Control

    Show Sync and Automation








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