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    We offer complete hardware and software solutions for entertainment touring. We specialize in modular systems that are built for the touring industry and can withstand traveling at a global scale. We offer custom power solutions, metal fabrication, rack panels, multi pin cable solutions and cases. Show programming and event design coupled with our hardware and custom fabrication team make Savant Playback the thought leaders of the industry.

    It was all a dream.......

    What do you dream about at night? We dream about custom cables, networks, data speeds and all the things that make the impossible...... possible. We create systems that outperform consistently and provide our clients with a level of confidence that is incomparable. We build and program redundant systems that are rock solid and give you peace of mind every single night you step on stage.

  • About Our Company

    PlayBack System Design for Audio, Midi Backline, Video and Lighting

    Innovation in the World of Playback and Show Control

    Savant Playback focuses on bringing the latest technology to our clients, so that they can better express their art and music with zero boundaries. Our team specializes in midi based instruments and creating custom audio and midi playback systems that can control or sync to lighting systems and media servers. Using timecode or midi event based show control the options are limitless!

    I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

    Thomas A. Edison




  • Show Control+PlayBack+Content

    Programming Options for Live Events

    Playback Programming :



    Ableton Live

    Digital Performer

    Main Stage

    Pro Tools

    DAW Integration

    Backline Program Changes

    Live Vocal Processing

    Timecode Control

    Show Sync and Automation

    Backline Programming:



    Virtual Instruments

    Midi KeyBoards

    Drum Triggers

    Drum Modules

    Electronic Drums

    M4L Plug ins

    DAW Integration

    Show Sync and Automation


    Video Programming:



    Notch VFX

    Disguise Media Server


    Content Creation

    IMAG Programming and Effects

    DAW Integration

    Timecode Control

    Show Sync and Automation